Video: Baseball is Not Symmetrical

This video, my first, serves two purposes. One, to test my new video equipment and all that goes into making a video. Two, to briefly explain my theory of the ways that the game of baseball is and is not symmetrical. This theory impacts some of the design elements of a game I designed, the RallyBird Baseball Boardgame. Available late spring 2018. While the field is symmetrical, baseball’s game play is not.

Play is counter-clockwise. The significance of first base is a lot different than third base. Home plate is not much like second base in value. I try to explain the asymmetry of a common short hit to the right compared to the left. Because runners move counter-clockwise, the opportunities for offense and defense do not work out symmetrically. To offer one example, with a runner on first base, a short hit is likely to see the fielder trying to throw to stop the most advanced runner shortstop covering 2nd base. If the hit is to the right, the throw might hit the advancing runner, so the only play is sometimes at first base. If the hit is symmetrically to the left, the fielder’s options to get the out at second base don’t have that runner obstacle. This is not a 100%, rigid prediction of events, but a tendency that is not symmetrical.

Because this was my first video I left some observations about the diamond unstated… the uphill topology from home plate to first base, the slightly uphill slope to second base, the slight down slope to third, and the steep fall from third base to home plate.

PS. I’m still waiting for what I hope is the final prototype for proofing and then publication!

Edit June 5, 2018: I replaced the video link above to the current version without feline interference. This second attempt allowed me to make a few additional observations.

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