Forgot to Turn the Mic On

IMG_5181Well, a friend graciously agreed to let me video my explanation of the rules to her. In fact, we went on to play a full, thrilling game of RallyBird Baseball on video.

M. is a fan of baseball and also boardgames. She’s a perfect candidate for someone who would enjoy RallyBird Baseball.

There were bases loaded, steals, walks and mind-games. There was sass talk, theory talk, and defenses that bent without breaking. There was guessing, double-guessing, guessing right and blindsiding surprises. It was tie score in the 10th inning. She managed to sacrifice in a run. So then bottom of the 10th, I had the RallyBird on my side. And it was not enough! Victory went to M. I congratulate her! The score was Visitor 3, Home 2.

Afterward I found out that did not have the microphone settings on. Here I walk away stoically to my metaphorical dugout. I did not break a metaphorical bat over my knee.

Sometime, as soon as I can, I’ll try again–both a video of my explanation to another person who can ask questions and clarifications, and a video of a gameplay session.

I may be able to offer still pictures of part of that match.

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