Pickles Baseball & PT Barnum

First this… IMG_5332

And then this…IMG_5336

It was the Portland Pickles (wearing white) playing the Bend Elks (pale yellow jerseys).

Suddenly this bird creature arrived on a motor scooter and began dancing around the third baseman. This interloper, BirdZerk, pressured the fielder to dance with him. The crowd roared. Then BirdZerk stole his glove and motor scootered off the field. Sadly the third baseman lifted his hand and a teammate brought a replacement glove.


BirdZerk appeared again a little later. He sassed the umps and danced around them. He whacked their behinds and mocked them. Then he began increasingly complex dance break dance moves. Suddenly one of the umps (pictured on the right below) jumped in the air and flipped over backwards. He began to dance with the crazy Bird. In fact, the dancing was synchronized and complex. Yes, he was a ringer!IMG_5340

Later BirdZerk appeared in a mad scientist lab coat. He had a remote control device (on the grass in pic below) and he guided his “robot son” (how?!) who was part bird (?) onto the field.IMG_5344

I think we need to overlook what the definition of a son is, what a bird is, and what a robot is as well. Mad Scientist BirdZerk guided the robot over to a real ump…


The robot had limited mobility but somehow squatted down to reveal its most advanced function: It belched loudly, then turned around and let out smoke.IMG_5347

Meanwhile the Pickles scored and scored again and yes, again, including a Grand Slam. They were winning 14-0. Another creature appeared, about 80% baseball and 20% bird. It came down the third base– home plate baseline performing agile dance moves…IMG_5349

Then played catch with a Bend Elk player (ringer!) using its beak.

The Pickles scored again. While admiring their skill, and feeling dismayed about the Elks’ 4 errors, I also had to admire the spirited clown entrepreneurship supporting baseball as PT Barnum style entertainment. I don’t come for the antics, and would rather see a more balanced contest with fewer errors, but it was a fun surprise.

Also note: the association of baseball with birds on the field ever grows.

PS. You can pick up a copy of the RallyBird Baseball board game here.

Author: petergelman

Writer. General info: amazon.com/author/petergelman My board game, RallyBird Baseball, is available here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0821RDHF6

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