Rules Here! Download the Rules to the RallyBird Baseball Boardgame

Here are the RallyBird boardgames rules in colorful PDF you can download and read!

The rules take up the first 3 of the 8 pages. The 4th page is a diagram illustrating the simple system, plus some some variants including the fun RallyBird rule. The 5th and 6th pages are a Beginner’s Guide that offers some help (for those who want help) with the cards and their tactics. The last section, the 7th and 8th pages, are Frequently Asked Questions by my play testers, and my replies. This pdf is 7.6 MB.

RallyBird Rules, Guide, FAQ

Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 10.58.49 AM

You can purchase the RallyBird Baseball board game here.

Author: petergelman

Writer. General info: My board game, RallyBird Baseball, is available here:

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