Toward a New #Baseball Vernacular

iu-1.pngThis is a small step I offer generously.

You probably know that 3 balls, 2 strikes (3-2) has a name, Full Count. I approve this. The other ball-strike combinations do not have names. People have to take the trouble of articulating all the syllables and straightforward mathematics of the numbers of balls and numbers of strikes. They don’t just have to do this for clarity. There is no other method! Numbers are good, please understand me, but what about descriptive, colorful words like Full Count? Nope, there’s no other method.

Well, friends, now there is. Here’s the basic idea, based on what the numbers look like in a family-friendly world:

3 = popper (looks like part of a popcorn)
2 = duck
1 = stick
0 = egg

so, this isn’t too difficult…

0-0 = “We got eggs.”

0-1 = “An egg and a stick.”

1-0 = “A stick and an egg.”

0-2 = “An egg and a duck.”

2-0 = “Duck and an egg.”

2-2 = “Double ducks.”

1-1 = “Two sticks,” or “a fence.”

2-1 = “Duck and a stick.”

1-2 = “Stick and a duck.”

3-1 = “Popper and a stick.”

3-2 = “Popper and a duck” which could be shortened to “Papa duck.”

However, I still accept “Full count”. You’re welcome.

A linguistic anthropological baseball report follows! I have actually tried to use this new lingo around people I know during baseball games — with zero success, snears and rejection. It’s up to you now. You. There are only so many ideas I can come with and implement–some of the implementation I need to share with you. Good luck! It’s yoeman’s work.

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