RallyBird Baseball Restocking Now (April 2023)

RallyBird Baseball Board Game 2023 is on trucks now and will be available in a week or so!

Now on a truck…

I’m happy to let you know that the RallyBird Baseball Board Game is shipping out now. It will probably take about a week or two for the recipients to receive it and make it available for purchase. I’ll be sure to let you know!

This reprinting features a new box design with the same graphics. The box opens on a hinge and has tabs on the end that lock it. In addition, it’s now slimmer and a little shorter in the length. The contents inside are the same as first edition RallyBird Baseball–with a slightly updated graphics for the game board and “Glove” tiles. With the small graphics changes, and a box that takes up less real estate space on your shelf, it’s the same game. To be clear, everything except the box is the same size.

Okay, I’m headed back now to RallyBird Central to box up more games for you!