New Unboxing Video (August, 2019): The #RallyBird #Baseball #BoardGame

The game is basically the same as it was when I released it in 2018. However I have updated the box graphics and the rules. In addition there are some new variants or optional rules, and a Trophy card.

My previous unboxing video wandered away and back from the purpose of unboxing, and was consequently too long for that kind of video. This is focused, short (5 minutes), and better in technical quality.

I’m getting closer and closer to next steps with my RallyBird Baseball Board Game as a small venture.

Thank you!



Coming Soon… The *Mini* RallyBird Baseball Board Game with painted wooden pieces


I think the painted wooden figures for the Glove zones make the game even more “play me”. Small, but portable, cute, costs less, and less to ship as well. It’s the same game as the regular sized RallyBird Board Game (which is still for sale). I’m waiting to receive a copy of the mini RallyBird rules from the printer. If everything is OK, I’ll let it fly free on the market. Below is my updated, annotated unboxing video:


Sneak Peak! Unboxing of the *Mini* #RallyBird #Baseball #boardgame.

There are a couple things I need to do before the *Mini* RallyBird Baseball board game is ready for sale. I need to address a color issue. And I want to adjust the words and text of the rules to reflect the slightly different components of this version of the regular board game, for sale here. Slowly, one foot in front of the other, I pull the sled through the snow, the sled on which all the dogs sit.