How to Play #Baseball (classic demonstration by Goofy in 1942)

Greetings! I’m planning another LiveStream play of the RallyBird Baseball Board Game, this time with an opponent who¬†may not have ever seen baseball game–except for elements absorbed by growing up in the USA, seeing it on the school yard, and, these days, what, kids playing a baseball app on their phones? Hey who let the grumpy old man in here?

So I was looking at quick and entertaining “how to play baseball for beginners” videos on YouTube. This classic came up, so I offer it here in case it amuses you. This is the short version:

if you want to see the full version of this (with horrible low resolution) I found this:

If you know of a fun, short video that teaches basic baseball for beginners, please let me know.

Health to all!

How to Play the RallyBird Baseball Board Game video (with narration and dynamic illustration)!

Not only does this video revise the one I posted last week in organization, it also adds my narration. It includes why play RallyBird, a thorough rules explanation, FAQ, sample of a real play session, and a picture of me. In the final portion, after being methodical for so long, some personality and exuberance escapes!  Cheers!